Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Haleigh's first fish...all by herself!

This past Saturday, November 1st, Haleigh and I went fishing on Smith Lake with Gary Russell, one of our maintenance guys at Hot Metal Coatings. Gary had been after me for quite a while to let him take Haleigh fishing, and we finally got a chance. As luck would have it, Haleigh caught three fish before I caught my first one! The picture of the Bass was the first fish she hooked and reeled in all by herself. She was so excited! Hopefully I will have a fishing buddy for a long time to come!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Good Family Shot...

And this my friends, may be the only family shot in which we were ALL looking in the same general direction! Many thanks to Ben and Amy for their persistence and ability to capture the attention, if even for a brief second! (This trip was in August)

Weird Fish...What is it?

I caught this in the Perdido Bay. I wasn't sure what it was, so I sure didn't touch it! Later, I saw a description in a book identifying it as a "Sea Robin", and it is not even poisonous! Who would have known?

Fish Tremble at the Sound of My Name!

Just another day of terrorizing some fish...mostly bait sized...out of Orange Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. It was fun though, and Ethan kept everything down. He worried me for a little while, but at least the raw water wash down pump was working just in case. Too bad we did not have a camera with a zoom lens to show off the HUGE Red Snapper he caught!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trip to "Go Big Orange" Beach

Or as Haleigh refers to as..."No, it's Go Alabama Beach" We had a great time with the Southern's for the week, and a nice adventure "sunset cruise" with the Boyd's on Saturday night. If you haven't heard the story, be sure to ask Ethan who I'm sure can tell it like it was while shaking his glass waiting for a re-fill...and waiting...and waiting...

We did have a few laughs watching Ethan try to surf on Monday. Hope you enjoy the picture. More to come later...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This past weekend, the Griffin family made it back to Birmingham for a visit. We were members with them at Hoover church of Christ prior to their job transfer and move to Smyrna, TN. We cannot believe how much Derek and Dayla have grown!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Initial Post...

Drum roll it is...the first real post. I'm really not sure how I may use this page, but we will see. All of this started because of Micky Bell, our former preacher at Hoover church of Christ, and his current situation. Micky has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and is currently awaiting treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Please pray for him and the doctors that the treatment will be successful. I will try to keep updates on the situation as I find out information. A facebook group was made for him (pray for Micky Bell) and I had to have a facebook account to join. After some initial "comments" by Brad and especially Rick, I was persuaded to step up and creat my on blog as well. More to follow at some other time...

Haleigh's 1st Fishing Trip

Haleigh's 1st Fishing Trip
Enjoying Smith Lake